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Date: December 15th 1917

Dec 15th/17

Dearest Jessie:

Just got your letter last night. I was very glad to get it as I had not heard for two weeks or so. you say you are sure that I will be spared to go back. I hope so and pray that I will be
old [?] would look fine just now. are you having an anniversary this year. hope you are don't like to see you let it drop. I suppose you haven't got much talent left. I am so glad that Gower got [? excepted?]. what about [?] hope he got the same. there is not much to write about I had a letter from Sadie tonight. that almost make me cry. when I read it.

I got a nice box from John and [?] a few days ago. I do like these cakes. hope to have a letter from Father soon. I just wrote him a few days ago

well Jess I started this letter some few days ago and thought I mailed it but find it still here. we are in a pretty comfortable place just now not much to write about. [? Wida] tells me that Mr Jones is in our S. school what made him change from the [?]. hope he stays with you. there have been quite a number of changes since I left

is Harrison Gladwin running the store at [?] ? H.B. got [?] did he not? Glad of that what does Alf think of it. tell him to get into the army service if he can. I guess I will stop for tonight

Lot of Love to all
Loving Bro Don

P.S. Since starting this letter I have received a letter from you. which I was glad to get. you ask me if I saw Spence after he was shot. I only saw him being carried out he seemed pretty strong then. I intended to write to Margaret about Grant but Doug wrote and I thought that was sufficient.

I am glad father did not part with the little mare. I had a letter from [?] last night that I must answer today or tomorrow I have quite a number to answer this week.

well will say bye-bye
Aff Bro Don

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