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Date: July 21st 1917

July.21st/ 17

Dearest Jessie:

Received your nice letter a few days was as usuas glad to hear from you and that you were all well. I also had Some Pictures from Ellen and Vi did which were very good that one of the road in front of our Place is dandy almost makes a fellow home sick but it is no use to get that way over here.

The Batt is in a route march. Today I got a snap of Roys twins the other day. Some kids what is Don Logan going to do will he have to inlist or have Conscription yet I am glad to hear that you are taking lessons I wish I had taken few when I had the Chance Perhaps when I go back you will give me a few if I am not too old. When is G. going to be married? don't you worry about comming to France as a nurse. it would nice for you to see the country but I don't think you would stand it take my advice and stay where you are Canada is good enough for me. All of the [?] are getting sporty with thier cars, well [?] Mc will have more time to get out around now.

Well Jess there is not much to write about from. I think we will be going in the line before long again Spence had a letter from H Gladwin. the other day he is in London this arche of his foot is fractured he is good for durations [?] if that is not too long. do you remember Ray. Hall. he is in Bramshott about as well as ever. a little lame, Spencer is Sending a little box home and I am Sending you a letter Souvenir it is not much good. but it is from France a reminder of Vimy. Well moste of our old 219th Batt is over here now.

I guess this is all for this time.
with Lots of Love to all
off Bro Don.

I have written this letter kind of funny

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