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Date: July 16th 1916

Aldershot Camp
July 16/16

Dear Father:

Just a line. got your letter some time ago. we just got through with dinner. I suppose they gave Doug a big time when he got home. I had a card from him yesterday they are giving farming[?] [?] I Put my name in for one but I guess I cant will not take it. But I will try for a Pass the last of this week if any-body wants a fellow for ten days or so I would go

I am going on guard tonight four out of our unit[?]. it is Pretty hard to get passes now. We have heard some word of leaving here but I guess it is all talk I think we are here for the summer. the water has been pretty bad but it seems to be getting better lately. We all had out Pictures take Friday Victor and I were vaccinated yesterday So about next Sunday if I can get home then my arm will likely be sore if it is going to get sore. How is Jess getting one thing she hasn't got many to Cook for. Spencer is buying for a [?] [?] he will likely get it there was a awful smach up on the railway here the other day the train was backing into Kentwell and she was struck an auto it smached the driver up Pretty bad. And once 219th fillow we were out on church parade this a.m, we had a dandy address by Principal McKinnon he is a dandy man. I Put my name in to get into the band but don't think there is anything doing. how is John getting along. sorry he left how is Emma Mc. This is some Peace down here never ment[?] a [?] you Know onely soliders will must close as it is time for me to get ready for guard write Soon.

with Love to all, Son Don

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