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Date: November 8th 1917

Nov. 8th, 17

My Dearest little Jessie:

Your letter of Oct 9th received which I was very glad to get. I hope John is back and well again he will have to do less work I think. Glad he did not have Typhoid. How is Fin this fall? quite a while since I had a letter from him. I wrote him a few days ago to tell him about Spencer I suppose you got my letter before this telling you how Spencer was shot. he was sure one of our good boys he never drank once and was a good straight fellow and always did his duty we had our pictures taken about three weeks ago and the Lady said she would send them to us and I was down to see her the other day and she had sent them but I have not received them yet but as soon as I get them I will send one. You snaps are like fathers $5.00 you say you put some snaps in your letter but when I got it there were none in it. Same with Father he said he enclosed a postal note for $5.00 but it was not in the letter. I got word from London about the note for $5. They must have gotten there part of the note. I suppose I will get mine later at least I hope I do. Well I guess I will close for tonight

Oh Jess tell Father for me please to hand into the church fare me $5.00

With Lots of Love to All
Loving Bro Don

Suppose you got word about Grant & W.W. Logan. Poor old Uncle William will feel so bad he will look at it in the right way I hope.


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