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Date: December 2nd 1942

Dec 2nd, 1942

Dear Mother

I have just finished writing to Estelle and will post a few lines to you also. By now the fires will be blazing away against the chilly blasts of winter. Its good news to hear that the potatoes were a bumper crop. The price according to Alberton is good i.e. 75¢ per bu. perhaps they will be a dollar a bushel later on. There should be booming times for the farmer as cream beef pork etc are certainly scarcer and higher than the average good years. There is still a small pot of gold in the soil but it has to be worked to get the mint.

News of Howatt is certainly not clear as regards him being grounded. Sinus no doubt is part of it. Thaldo [?] said Jarvis (Matthews) saw him in ST. Thomas if he is there it is strange not to have his address over here up to date.

Now about Estelle. It isn't unfair to have plans for after xmas were she to be below a safe pass mark. If there is a real good half term courses in Domestic science in the maritimes by all means have her take that or another possibility is shorthand and typing. Either one of these courses has a wealth of usefulness and at the same time it will steady her for those High School College and training years ahead of her Were she to stay home all our good efforts will have been of no use at all. I would also like to know more clearly how the situation of Arthur's exemption now stands. Lily hasn't had much done if her appendicitis is bothering her badly. I often wonder why the hell people delay going to the doctor when they are first besieged by sickness instead of going when they are as weak and sorry looking as a drowning duck. See that she is seen to without any further fussing.

Mrs Doctor Stewart and Mrs Lloyd Sharp have gone through a great deal of trouble and worry during the last year. I hope the clouds will soon breath and the sun shine brightly again for each of them. It is time for bed so take care of yourself and God Bless you


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