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Date: September 4th 1941

Sept 4 1941
#57 Squadron
Dear Mother.

I'm sorry about the delay in letters. We went on leave on the 6th for six days and the following week we were most busy. After that I sent two or three letters. Your letters have come in very well although there could have been a few more. I mentioned before of receiving the parcel from Lily & Estelle since then your parcel containing the grand shirts lobsters etc arrived. The last of the month two cartons of 300 cigs came in from Dad and Howatt. The other and first bunch of 300 from Howatt disappeared within half an hour after I got them. I am up enough now for you not to think about those not arrived. It is a bargain if we get half of what you send. The convoys are doing better than that though. It may have been my luck to loose those unaccounted for you have done splendid with the insurance premiums. I am now square and a bit of thriftiness will see me along all right now. you should always get sixty a month. When there is a change you shall know as one day you may get a telegram if I need a hundred bucks.

John Taylor was down for a couple of days. I just got to bed about 7 AM and he came in at 10 AM well to make a long story short we went the rounds and I believe he thoroughly enjoyed himself. I do know his part of the country well.

When the stockings come push a note inside them saying whom they are from and (or) whoknit them. I shall be glad to give them my thanks.

Lily did splendid in the berry field. A dish of fresh berries sugar and cream would make a royal meal. I am damn'd if I know why we didn't get a few boxes of fresh strawberries when they were in season. Orchards are rare here compared to home.

Aunt Lil wrote before she went on Holidays They were all well and uncle Robert seemed not too badly. It is a pity Mrs Herb is critical. With old age and operation would be pretty shaky.

I am glad they are all well at Grandfather's. How is Mrs Birch? Do give my regards to the folks around. Howatt's letter of Aug 3 came in the other day. He said the wet weather and the operation leaves him sore and sleepy. He does not need to take work too serious for a good year yet. Will close for now and will write Howatt in a couple of days. Don't worry when there is a gap in the mail as last month it was a bit of carelessness and work that made me overlook the correspondence.

P.S. Be Happy
Same address as before Always Vince.

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