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Date: December 10th 1918
Emily Adams

December 10, 1918

My dear George

Your nice long letter dated Nov. 16th arrived last Saturday. I certainly feel sorry for you sleeping in a tent this weather. Here's hoping it won't be long ere you are home & enjoying your own comfortable bed. I think it would be very nice to take the trip to Paris. You may never have the chance again. We went to Weston on Sunday. Yesterday being Edie's birthday, Ernie & Nora came to supper, also Mabel, Margaret & Lil. In the evening Mr. & Mrs. Campbell came. They brought Edie two pretty cards & sword fern. Margaret worked her a very nice linen dresser scarf; Lil gave her a boudoir cap; Mabel a Coalport cup & saucer; Nora a recipe cabinet; Ernie something to wear; May sent her from Detroit a Maderia doily; I knitted her a slip over sweater.

May informed us that Millie had a little daughter born Nov. 21st.

Am sorry to say they have had no news of Dan yet. I wouldn't be surprised if he is on his way home as I see by the papers a good many have sailed from Southampton & that is where Nettey Hospital is situated. Am enclosing clippings of Friday's Telegram about Re. Mr. Skey. Mabel went to St. Ann's [church] Sunday night to hear him preach. She said he looked so well. Edie has not heard from Alex since he got back to France. We see by the papers that the Canadian Cavalry is in Germany. Dan didn't say who told him about Mr. Lynch. He said so Bill Lynch has got his second star. Geo says was C.C. while the Commander was on prolonged shore leave. This is word for word no more no less & his letter was written Sept. 1918. Funny isn't it! Lil said she received a letter from you yesterday dated Nov. 17th. Mabel thinks Harvey is on his way home.

Don't I wish it was you. Glad you got the apples Nora sent. She was afraid they were not up to the mark although she paid quite a bit for them. Friday night we had quite a big fall of snow & it is very cold.

Well Dearie, I think this is all this time. Trusting you will have a good time at Christmas & that we shall soon see your dear old face.

With fondest love & many kisses
Your loving mother
Emily Adams