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Date: November 15th 1918
Emily Adams

November 15, 1918

My dear George
Have been waiting for a letter but none have arrived so far. This morning Edie got a P. P.C. of Edinburgh Castle dated 28-10-18. Alex had arrived there (not at the castle) the day before & expected to leave the next day for Aberdeen. I should think Edie will get a letter to-morrow with lots of news in it. It is such a long time since she had one. I wished you were home last Monday as I think you would have enjoyed the fun. At 4.30am Edie carne into my room & said "Can't you hear the racket. The Armistice is signed." I made her go back to bed & to make sure she did I got into her bed & she chatted away & wondered if anyone would come over. I said "not at this time of the morning" but sure enough a few minutes after Nellie, Eva, Zeta, Annie & Dorothy carne with saucepan lids & old tin cans. They made a dreadful noise; took Edie out; called for Lil; then went parading the streets till breakfast time. I expect Edie will write & tell you all about what they did downtown. About 11 o'clock Mrs. Campbell carne over & asked me to go up there but I didn't go until the evening. Hadn't been in long when Mr. Wykes sent in to say he was going to burn the Kaiser, would we like to join in the fun. So we all went out & there was a huge bonfire in front of their house & when that. died down a bit Mr. McCaw brought out a lot of boxes which made it scorching hot. (Monday the 18th) I kept this letter back as Edie said she had written you a long letter & had posted it. Yours dated Oct. 26th carne this morning but no letter from Alex. On the postcard he sent his mother from Scotland he said he was going to Luton, so of course Edie expected a good long letter & says if he can send P.C.'s, he could send a little letter. I say he wants to send a big letter & that is the reason it is so long coming. Last Wednesday afternoon I took that painting over to show Mrs. Cannon. She wanted Mr. C. to see it so I took it over again in the eve. They all thought it very good indeed. I called & showed it to Mrs. Hutchins. She is still in bed. Winnie is nursing her as Muriel has gone to Gravenhurst [Sanitarium]. I told you all about her going there in a previous letter. I feel very sorry for Mrs. Hutchins as it must be so monotonous. On Friday I sent Fred Cannon a Christmas Card with a few lines. Of course he may be on his way home. I don't suppose there is anything doing in East Africa now. I haven't sent to Gus as I've been expecting a letter. We are wondering if he is at home yet. Ernie & Nora were in to tea yesterday & Miss Goffin. She & Edie were to have had a walk as far as the Humber as Miss G. hasn't seen it yet but unfortunately it rained quite heavily so they couldn't go. Ernie has put their car away until the spring, so when they got off the Weston Car, they walked from Keele St. which made them rather late. We began to think they weren't coming. Next Sunday is Nora's birthday so we will be trotting out to Weston. Today is your Father's Birthday. Had he lived he would have been 68 years old. [born Nov. 16, 1851]

Well dearest I want to catch the post. Will write a few lines in a day or two.

With fondest love & many kisses
Your loving mother
Emily Adams