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Date: February 25th 1944

Mont Joli, P. Q.

February 25, 1944

Dear Mom,

I received the baptism certificate and thanks a lot. However, I'm going to more difficulty getting across the border than I had anticipated.

The U. S. A. doesn't mind our visiting them, but the Canadian officials have different ideas. The new rules for crossing the border are :

1. We must have relatives in the States.

2. They must have invited us to visit them, and

3. They must guarantee that all expenses will be paid while we are there.

4. They must send us American cash to pay for our train fare, and

5 We must have a Long H form from the bank when we get the American money exchanged for Canadian funds.

So, 1m afraid that I'll not be travelling to the States again.

Can you send me a small amount of blue and gray yarn to mend my socks. It's difficult to get the material here.

Love, Lewis.