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Date: January 10th 1918

Bramshot Camp
1/10 1918

Dear Mar –

Here I am at 3 p.m in the afternoon seated in a S.A. hut and a cold blustery day outside. I am on a wiring competition and our particular stunt does not occur until 4 p.m so I came over here to keep warm, saw the paper and took this opportunity of writing.

It was real cold yesterday turned warm last night and is threatening to snow now. Beastly weather I call it. The fire alarm went this morning at 4.30, a slight fire in the officers quarters. Of course we all had to rise and I was so comfortably tucked in too.

I got your parcel with your hand knit toque to-day at noon but I haven’t investigated the parcel very thoroughly as we “fell in” at 12.45. I took note of the sausages, and I am sure they will be OK. I'll have them for tomorrow dinner in place of army fish which I distaste. Got a small package of home made candy yesterday from the Rebecca. It is real good too. Oh believe me, I have been in luck these days. Monday I got a parcel of cakes from Esther, but I haven’t received Loll’s parcel yet. I have answered her letter some time ago, but it would be too bad to loose two parcels of hers. I will enclose with this letter a post card of Aldworth. It will be nice to keep in your collection I am sure.

The Edgeworth tobacco is going famously and I was saving it for treats to myself. D’Arcy also sent me a package so I am in luck. I noticed the package of chocolate too. We can’t get sweets of any description here, so believe me I am grateful. The same goes with the cocoa. I ran out about New Years and can’t get any. But now I'll have plenty of cocoa and sugar thanks to your kindness. I can manage to get some cakes each night and make myself a cup of cocoa and add some condensed milk. Only I wish you were here to pour it for me. Would you dear. But yes I know you would.

Now dear I must close and get back on the job again.

Much love

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