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Date: July 5th 1918

July 5th

My Dear Margaret,

Today and tomorrow are our day of days so I am writing you a few lines on these days of days. We hadn't quite figured on me being over here that day did we dear. We had thought to be living our lives together and in peace. Funny how Fate plays tricks with human plans. Instead of coming home to you tonight dear (as we had figured) I come "home" to a tent and in place of having you pouring out my tea and passing me delicious cakes across a clean white table cloth I get a certain issue of tea in a mess tin and I eat bread and cheese seated on the grass. True there are not many dishes to wash but then there isn't you and there are no kisses, while you are only 4000 miles away and grieving because I am not there. The school days are over for the present and as I sit here on a folded overcoat with the setting sun painting the sky behind me I feel sure that you are seated at your table writing to me. It is a pleasant thought dear and it helps to enliven the quiet dull days. Looking back over the days, and the months, we have had our difficulties, not serious, but I feel sure they have only made our affections more steady and our friendship and trust more secure. I am pleased to know that mother is pleased with you. Mother did not express herself in so many words to me but Dora tells me and do you remember the praise mother gave you when she was speaking to my Aunt Minnie. Then again mother would not write the letters she does, to you if she disliked you. Myself I can't express myself in words but how I want you dear! Foolish am I? Maybe but if one can't talk to ones wife, who can he talk to? The chances are that it will be at least two years before we can be married dear. Will you get tired of waiting. I have often wondered if I am fair in asking you to waite. That is why I have sometimes thought it would have been better to have married. There might have been someone else to help you ease the burden dear. Now we must lead the life Fate weaves us. I know my dearest that you will understand me and that you will not take my words amiss. I am loving you as much now as at first Honey Girl and my love has matured. Your love shows so grandly in the way you have prepared for our home and in the sweet tender way you tell me every thought. Be sure I hold them sacred Dear. Now I am going to turn in. Just a rubber sheet on the ground and my greatcoat over me. Will you come dear. Here's a good night kiss and to sleep your head on my shoulder.

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Original Scans