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Date: December 3rd 1916

December 3rd, 1916

Dear Lettie

I received your letter yesterday and was glad to hear from you again. I have been expecting that box you sent but I understood you to say you sent it but you said in your last letter that you were sending one by the next mail. So the more the better but don't send me any clothing or anything that is heavy to carry for I have lots of clothes and for socks I had quite a stock of them and when we are in the trenches they give us a change of socks most everyday. They are very particular about getting trench feet and we have to rub our feet with whale oil. But eats and candies or anything like that are all right. I have a letter from Alex and he said they had sent a box and George Desson said he had sent a box also so I expect to be well fed around Christmas. I had a letter from father and he said he was sending you some money so if you get some you had better give it to Goodwin but you know best. I would have liked to send you and George something for Christmas but I can't get anything here at all.

Well I'm still alive and well but we have had a few exciting times. Our Sergeant got wounded. He was next man to me. I was sorry for he was a fine fellow. I don't know how I escaped. A big shell burst beside us and knocked Peter Ross' helmet off and he has not found it yet and it buried another all but his head. We tease Peter about it yet. I will now close. Hope you are all well.

From Dave