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Date: November 15th 1916

Nov. 15th

Dear Lettie

I have just received your letter of September 22nd which I was very glad to receive it being the first I have received from Canada since coming to France. I am glad to hear that George got those francs he will be quite proud. I suppose he would like my picture he got from Alex. Was it a good picture or not? I got three boxes of telegrams from you and them socks which I mention in my last letter but I have not got that Sunday World that Jean sent yet. I wrote and told Alex about my trip to Scotland and I have wrote two letters to him since but I have not received any from him yet. We are still in billets here yet and we have had fine dry weather since being here and I hope it stays this way when we go into the trenches again.

You were saying that I would be receiving lots of presents for my birthday. Well I must tell you I did not receive one single thing. Lots of the boys have received boxes of cakes and candies, socks and letters and other things so we're all very busy writing. Everything is very dear here to buy eggs 84 cents a dozen, butter 60 cents a pound and bread 15 cents a small loaf.

Well I have just received your letter of October 26 and I got that Sunday World that Jean sent. You can tell her I will write to her when I get time but I have not got that letter that you said George and you wrote yet. You can tell George that little bugle boy is still in England so is dad but fat Woods is here. I have lots of French coins if I could only send them and I would like to send all my 134 badges to George if I can get them sent. I don't know what price the French stamps are as our letters go free. You can tell the people at the church they can send along all the boxes they like for the boys all share up when they get boxes. So I have had some out of a few of them already. He have each got a pair of mitted gloves which has been donated. Well I will now close for this time hoping George and you are well. I may send you a trench postcard when in the trenches to let you know I am well. So good bye for this time.