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Date: October 19th 1916

October 19

Dear Lettie

Just a few lines to say I am well. I wrote you a week ago from here and I suppose you have received it all right. I have not got any mail for two weeks and I do not suppose we will till we join our regiment. We were to join it the day after we came here but something happened and we did not but we expect to any day now. We're getting all kinds of training to make us fit for what we have to come through. We know a little more about what war is here than you people do in Canada. There is lots of men coming in here from the trenches every day and they have some tales to tell and I was just thinking today that if you seen us march down Yonge St. the mess we were in today with mud we wouldn't be much to look at. It has been pretty wet here this last week but not very cold yet, and we don't get very good food here and it is a good job that I have a little money to buy a little to eat when I don't get enough. But they say we get far better fed in the trenches so I suppose we will be all right in a few days I hope you have got your coke all in for the winter and let me know if you're getting your money all right. English money goes along way here. It is more valuable than the French. Well I think I will close for this time hoping this finds you and George well. Tell George I see lots of the Germans that they take prisoners a rough looking lot too. I remain as ever


15th Battalion Canadians