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Date: October 9th 1916

Bramshott Camp
October 9

Dear Lettie

I thought I would write you a few lines today to say we're getting ready here for leaving tomorrow. We've got all new clothes and boots and we wear one of those Balmoral caps. They are pretty near the same as one of our old tams only smaller with a ribbon down the back. I did not think you would know me for I hardly know myself and we have aluminum discs tied around our necks with our number, name, religion and 15th Battalion. It is like this [drawing in original letter]

T. Sinclair and Sandy Smith is not going with us. They have to get their teeth fixed. I will get a postal order before I mail this and send you some money so you can write and let me know when you get this. Are you always getting your money all right from the government and the Patriot fund?

Well I am enclosing 3 pounds postal order so you can go to the general post office and get them cashed.

I think we're leaving here tomorrow for France. We were out and had everything inspected by headquarters this afternoon. We have all new equipment and everything first-class so I suppose I will be in the trenches before this reaches you. So goodbye and tell George to be good.