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Date: August 31st 1916

Bramshott Camp
August 31st

Dear George

I thought I would write you a few lines today and let you know that I got back to camp this morning at 1:30 o'clock. I had a fine time when I was up in Scotland and I am sending you a handkerchief that I bought in Aberdeen.

I've seen a lot of Dutch boats in Aberdeen Harbour that the British interned about a week ago. They were supplying the Germans with everything and the sailors were all wearing wooden shoes. We left Aberdeen yesterday morning at 6:15 and we crossed the Forth River in the fore noon and I seen Admiral Beattie's Fleet there. I seen the battleships Lion and the Tiger and dozens of other cruiser and destroyers. And there were two submarines sailing along the North Sea one went down under the water. We got into London at 7:00 at night and we left London and 11 o'clock so we had a few hours to see the sites. But the cities over here are all in darkness you can't see a light anywhere. I had the best holiday I ever had but I suppose I will have to pay for it all yet. This is all for this time.

Father 799658

B. Company
134th Battalion, C.E. F.
Bramshott Camp
Hants, England