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Date: June 20th 1944

30 Cdn Air Svy Liaison Sec, RCE

Cdn Army England.

20 June 44.

Dear Jean:

The address above is the correct one, for a while anyway, the only change is that you leave out the "first" in front of Cdn Army. I cant tell you why, at present anyway, but it doesn't matter, and the main thing is that things are as I wanted them to be, from the role and administration standpoint. In other words, we are to continue doing the special work, for which we are best fitted, and in which we have met with considerable success already.

Your letter did not show up today, but our mail is likely to be delayed a bit for a short time. However, two parcels came yesterday, one with some cake, and another with some tobacco, which was very timely as my stock had dwindled down pretty low, but had not run out. Also Mary's letter came along earlier in the week, and it is a very fine one, the canoes are very swish indeed, properly streamlined, and I suspect the fair damsel in one of them is Minnehaha. You can tell Mary that the 3 fat gold fish that lived in the pond in our garden alas are no more. The boys brought a cat home the other day, an experienced and capable looking mama cat, (without family at present) and evidently the three fish just filled out her menu for the first day, with the little dark one as a light supper snack. Tonight she came in with a baby rabbit, although this sad event for the rabbit might give Mary unnecessary grief, so perhaps she need not be told.

There seems to be more to do than ever, and so many interruption but I guess it will always be that way. I have a lot of contacts with my survey friends in the British war office these days, the people who brought Bill Hall and me over here in '40. It is rather interesting that this should be so, after the intervening time more or less detached from them.

I suppose you have been reading and hearing about the flying bombs that the Germans have been making so much propaganda out of. I admit that it has been quite a novel and sensational development, but I doubt if it will help them to keep us from pushing them back in France, or elsewhere. Technically, it is quite interesting and no doubt they have developed jet propulsion to a considerable degree of perfection. Their efficiency as an offensive weapon is very low, as a large percentage of them drop in fields, and open country, and it is only the unique target offered by a huge metropolis like London, situated within their very limited range that justifies their bothering with it at all.

We've had a couple of lovely days, and a bit of sun. The boys are getting a bit of tan, they should be pretty healthy, as they are getting more and better food than weve had since the unit was formed. I didn't get down to Haywards on the weekend, but may get a chance to go down later on. Saw Bill Hall last Friday, and he was looking fine, and hoping to get out of the hospital for a spell this week. Lyle Trorey came over tonight for a while, and brought a dozen eggs with him, and so in return Alf fixed him up with a fried egg on toast and a cup of coffee. Lyle doesn't get over very often, but its nice to see him when he does getaround. Another visitor was Captain Weber, from Flin Flon, a real north country surveyor, and a fine chap.

Saturday night I biked over to Morris's, and stayed to supper. they have not been able to get a maid, but have installed a butler, of all things, an old chap, who is amenable to helping with the house work. his name is McCoy, so he ought to be the Clear McCoy. He says he worked in the Hotel Vancouver for a couple of years. Ecila hopes now to be able to take up her canteen work again, which she enjoys, and feels is a bit more directly helping the war than staying around the house.
Have thought several times that it would be a marvelous thing if you and Mary could come over here as soon as the war is over, and have a look at this country, possibly have a trip on the continent, or go home around the world. it is quite possible that there might be some technical work for me to clean up here before I should be able to start for home, in which case you and Mary could be here, and then we could all go home together via the Orient. it isn't the best time to travel from the tourist point of view, but such a trip would be none the less interesting and I have a feeling that once we got settled down at home again it would be much harder to pull out for a real trip, than if we did it as soon as possible after hostilities cease. It is something to think about, and it would take a bit of planning if we should decide to try something like that. Well its an idea and you can turnit over in your mind.

Its bedtime again, the days go so quickly now.

LOVE to you both,


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