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Date: July 6th 1945

Baghdad, Iraq

6 July 45

Dear Jean:

My last, 6, was posted at Cairo, but written at Khartoum. Was so glad to get yours of 27 May & 3 June when I got to Cairo - There were also 1 each from Ecila & Mrs Morris. Am glad you were able to have such a good visit from Ruth. I am certainly going to try to carry right on across the pacific from Australia - Hard to say where I'd be landed - would depend on who with, or how I come. Might have a chance to cable you from Australia if there's anything urgent. Am also hoping to be home for October. This is very speculative but these are my plans. Think Meuser will back me up. Would be nice to spend 2 or 3 weeks together in California when I get back. The tension you noticed in my earlier letter no doubt reflected the complete change in my modus viviendi while this trip has brought about - am getting more used to it now - often I take advantage of an hour or two between engagements or between hops to write, and am not completely relaxed. Have now completely recovered from 1 Jippy tummy (diarrhea) 2 a cold (not bad) and 3 a reaction of constipation - and am settling down to really enjoying everything.

Took the train from Cairo to Lydda - Palestine - overnight but passed through the Nile delta before dark - the garden of Egypt - in fact it is Egypt. The world over - the country people are the best - the Cairo gyppies are horrible devils - but the peasants working in the fields look nicer.

In Palestine stayed in Jerusalem 2 nights - the city is right up on top of the mountains - stratified limestone rather like some of the mts in BC Interior - arid - Also had a visit to the new Jewish city of Tel Aviv - on the Med'n Sea [?] Very much a modern city of concrete - just a but monotonous - in architecture. YMCA bldg in Jerusalem is a colossus - but no accommodation there for troops I am told. I stayed at the posh Hotel King David - frightful place - all swank - outrageous prices - and nothing but "atmosphere" in return. Prices in this part of the world are very high. Took a walk through the old part of the city & saw through the Church of the Holy sepulcher - will tell you more of my reactions later.

Palestine is really a very attractive country - it is all hot now. Baghdad is an oven. I am writing this on my knee in the hotel (no writing tables) stark naked and just the effort of writing [?] the sweat pouring out. Am hoping to get to India in a couple of days - leave here tomorrow I hope. Not always possible to get air passage immediately - however the delay here & there gives you a chance to look around & get a little more feel of a place.

Heaps of love - Ger.

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