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Date: 1942

Dear Carl:

Hi there Pal! Well we finally got here and I'm still safe and sound & feeling like a million bucks, all I want to do now is get up there and drop a few real sized eggs, ones that go off with a big bang.

Things over here aren't as bad as they are racked up to be in fact they are pretty good - except for the food end of it, there isn't much variety in that, but then it doesn't taste too bad so far, so I haven't any kick coming. Boy there are sure some swell looking bombers over her, the size and speed of these Babies Ouch! So help me at last I'm beginning to feel like a man at last, to think soon I'll be navigating one of these big babies and dropping some man sized bombs. I haven't had any good scares yet but I'll let you know when I get a good one. All I hope is when I do get scared I don't act like a baby. I've got my fingers crossed hoping that I wont. I can't tell you where I'm at over here, as it would only be cut out, so I'll just put the mailing address that will get me - and please write you old lazy bones - you know I like to hear from you - if you ever get enough energy. Thanks a lot for the night at the Connaught, I had a good time. When I get back we'll have to have another little party like that again. I hope they have a permanent airforce cos I'm staying in it if they have one, I like it too much to get out of it. Please tell you mother & Louie that I'm feeling fine, and in a not too distant future I shall be back to see them all again.

I was really lucky, I no sooner got to Halifax and I was lucky enough to catch a draft for over seas that day. The other fellows have got to wait over a month now before they can come over now. I'm not writing another letter till you answer this one - see!!!

Your loving cousin - Fritz (over)

p.s. Thanks a lot for coming to see me off at the Station, that was darned nice of you & Betty to do so.

Give Betty my best regards too

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Original Scans