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Date: February 9th 1942

No. 100.

Capt. G.S. Andrews - RCE

Survey Directorate

H.Q. Cdn Corps -

Cdn Army O'Seas.

England, 9 Feb 42.

Dear Jean -

Well it's Monday again - after 2nd March, when I go up before the RGS to give my paper, your husband may become a bit more human, at any rate get partially back to normal. If I had realized how much work this Alaska paper meant, I would have refused - however it has kept me out of mischief for a while! Then - your letter of 29 Dec, with Mary's and her picture came this morning - so am just as glad I waited. She is cute, the little rascal!

It is great to get your Xmas letter - and I could imagine things very vividly form your description - You are a good letter writer my dear - and you always think of the things which I like to hear about. Yes - someday we will sit together in front of our own fireplace - and talk about all this that is happening now - Let us hope it will be before No. 200 is reached!

Mar and Frank's little visit to you must have been quite intriguing - anyway they evidently trust you as a loyal friend - Possibly if I had been home there might have been 3 gentlemen callers that afternoon! It was nice of Mulhollands to come too - I am so happy about him getting a job at last - you never know - he may be able to laugh at his friends of the F.B. yet - Evidently They aren't having everything their own way in the govt.

It is late now - and will have to get to bed - I was up and spent Friday at the RGS with Mr. Hinks - who seems quite optimistic about my paper from what material he has seen of it. The same night I had to rush back here because the G.O.C. - Lt. Gen Crerar came and had dinner with us - He seemed to enjoy it - and met each of us and managed to have a little chat with each too. He is different from Andy McNaughton - more diplomatic perhaps - but more impersonal - McNaughton always struck me as too intense - and ablaze with an internal fire - to bother with little politeness - sort of takes it for granted that there is mutual respect and confidence between you & him - a grand man - one that I can be loyal to and there are few men who make me feel really strongly - especially in high office.

Gertrudes Christmas dident sound too happy poor girl - It will be great if Uncle Ashton can come to give you a visit - and I'm glad to know that he is holding up so well - he is a real Christian.

Well dear - things still look as tho I shall get away next Sunday on leave - that is one reason for the feverish rush to get all the odd jobs cleared up before going. I will do a little better - uniting them too - owe so many letters -

Have a suspicion that Bill Hall may be coming to England - nothing definite yet - so don't mention it to his people -

Was relieved to know you hadn't yet done anything about selling the house and I won't feel too good about it till I know my wire got to you in tome - It would be a great pity - and mistake too I feel sure. Whenever you want a quick opinion from me -on any problem - cable - the expense is worth it - you know what I mean -

Lots of love - & excuse scribble -


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