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Date: April 24th 1918

France, Apr 24/18

Dear Fern:

I haven't written you for several days but haven't had anything to say and there has been no Canadian mail in since I last wrote you.

Aldridge went on leave yesterday, Gardenir[?] goes next week, and then it's my turn again. I wont be sorry to have two weeks off again for we have been fairly busy the last few days as the Huns are getting rather cheeky.

I wrote to Max the other day but have not heard from him since. I have no idea where he is.

I am quite OK and taking care of myself. Have lots to eat and some money left for leave.

I hope you are all taking care of yourselves and not doing too much. I will be glad to hear that you have gone to Grimsby. Apparently it will be some place.

Love to all,

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Original Scans