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Date: April 18th 1918

France, Apr 18 '18

Dear Dad:

Got a letter from you and one from Fern to-day. They are the first I have had for over a week. I wrote to Metcalf to-day as he desires a letter every Friday so he can cable you over the week-end.

Ferns letter was 62 (61 not in [?] and yours was dated Mar 26th. I received Ferns cable of that date. She asked me to tell her if I received it.

I got a parcel from her about a week ago containing a Laura Secord's[?] box of C[?] fudge. & etc.

I was on for a show of at 5 A M this morning but it is raining and I got up at 9.45 instead. I suppose you know how the war is going. By the time you receive this a lot more will have happened. It is impossible to say how things will come out. We have only had one really fine day this month but I managed to see quite a bit of the war that day and it certainly was a wonderful sight although of course I cannot write you anything of it.

I am quite all right as usual and hope to remain so for some time yet. I have been herein the squadron five minutes yesterday a couple more [?] see me in H.E.

Fern says she received some snaps of me (sent from Eng) I have sent some several times, ask here to specify the ones she received.
The Pencur[?] had a forced landing at - and met Sharpe there. who gave D. P. a note for me. I had lost all track of him but will look him up as soon as possible I thought I knew the aerodrome and under the pretence of testing my engine I flew up there yesterday morning but it was not the plan[?] and as the clouds were at 500' I thought I had better come back before I got lost in them and landed in Hunland. I will try to find him again however.

I had a letter from Max from France some time ago. I was very surprised to hear he was in France. He seems quite glad to get out. I expect is in the very north-east of France although he does not not say. I will try to look him up and also Morris Van Vleet[?].

I hope to be in London about the first of next month although it is very hard to say as leave is all mixed up and is being stopped all the time. However I have hopes.

I am always interested in anything you have t say about yourself. I am awfully sorry that you do not find yourself able to get around very much now that the colder[?] weather has come. You'll have to g that chauffeur of yours working again. It will do your back good.

I don't think I have anything new to say. I told you that Fairy[?] had an M C didn't I? He is getting along fine and will very likely get a flight soon, probably the one I am in as Maj Carter[?] is due for H.E. I am getting along pretty well. Im next to Carter in the flight now although that doesn't mean much. Haven't got any Huns crashed yet but have a couple out of control. However I think I have learnt to take care of myself over the lines which is a lot. That is my job in the patrol now. Carter[?] leads & I bring up the rear and chase the new fellows into formation and see that none of them get lost or straggle.

Well I can't afford any more paper so.

Love to all

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