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Date: July 12th 1916

Risboro, Barracks.

July 12/16

Dear Mother;

Just a line to let you know that I am well, and hopeing you and the kids are the same, Well we are back in the tents now and it sure is rotten after being in the house for two weeks and we sure do miss the shelves and hooks on the wall but we are makeing the best of things.

We had a couple of german seaplanes came over to visit us they flew right over the camp but they were so high up that we could not see them but the anti air guns were shooting at them but they were up too high so the areoplanes around here went up after them but could not catch them, they had too much of a start on ours.

We are having some time here now we have been here for three weeks or so and I have not been on Parade one whole day yet they keep giving us some little job or another so we do about two hours of work a day, but one thing I like is the way they keep the place it is as clean as a whistle and the fellows back from the front say they are more particular there and will not allow even a scrap of paper lying about and that is why the British soldier is the cleanest fighting man in the world they even have to shave every morning and grease there boots but I dont suppose they will be doing it now as they are having lots of excitement all the time. Well i guess Willie will be having his share now but he will pull through all right because he wont be right in the front line trenches but he will have plenty of work to do.

I met Mr. Connorten down at Folkestone on Saturday and he is looking fine and he says the same of me he said I never looked better in my life, so I guess this Old Country air is doing me good well lets hope so.

I am going on six days leave next week and have about twenty dollars to spend so I guess I will enjoy myself. I am going up to Brighton and London so I guess I will enjoy myself sleeping in till ten a.m. every morning thats what I like. Well I guess I will close now and I am going to dinner now well good bye

Just a sample of the flowers we see here they are a thick as daisies and they sure look fine.

Your loving son Jack.

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