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Date: December 10th 1916
Smith, Arthur Calvin

Dec. 10, 1916

West Sandling Camp

Dear Ona, -

Received your letter on Dec. 4/16, so it took 15 days to get to me. And I was glad to get it as I did not have much news from Dunnville. I also received a letter from Mother at the same time. I wrote letters before this to you, and put in them the journey I had. I see that your weather is cold than here. The weather is what we would call soft weather. The ground is not frozen at all, but it is muddy, as we get rains quite often and the sun does not shine much here at present. I wish I could see snow for about ten minutes I thing it would look fine.

I see by your letter that Orrin is getting to be quite a traveller.

That quite a Phone joke you played on him.

I wish I could help you eat some of those winter supplies you put up for the winter. I also see by your letter Willie Pacey is having at time working about. Yes that card I sent you with my address on, I though they would hold it, but I didn't think they would hold it so long. I just forgot to tell you to put A.P.O. on in the letter I wrote before. Well Just a line telling you of my London visit. I went on Monday Nov. 27th, and came back on Sunday Dec. 3rd so I had six day. I stayed at the Connaught Place. And I wrote to you from London on Thursday and told you all the news up to then.

Well on Friday I went thought the Tower of London. It was fine many things 1000 years old or more. I saw the prisons there where many noted men were put to death. In the Horse Armorys I saw many armors of 16 & 17 century and were certinly worth seeing. I sent home about 18 post Cards of the Tower of London and I think by the time you get this letter they would be home so get a look at them. I saw all the places that shown on the cards.

On the same day I saw the St. Pauls Cathedral. There I saw where many noted men were berried some kings were berried there, and this place was worth seeing. Next day I seen the Zoological Garden. where they have wild Animals. In the After Noon I went to the "Madam Massadars Wax Works. Here is where all the Kings and all the Noted men of Britain are put in wax just like then. Most of them look as if they were alive. I got the letter all right use this address as the one I sent before may not be much good as I may not be here by the time I get a reply. So used this address

Pte. A.C. Smith no 739465

"B" Coy. 114th Battn. C.E.F.

Army Post Office,

London, Eng.

It is best not to put to much address on the Envelope & this address will get me OK.

I am well at present, Hope you & Levi are well. Hope you have a Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year.

I had a fine time in London O.K. I get enough to eat, as if I want more I buy it.

from your Brother Arthur.

PS. Write once a week as I will do the same.