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Date: October 2nd 1943

R 157553
Sgt. E.G. Vaughan
R.C.A.F Overseas

Dear Janet,
I just received your two parcels and one from Alice. Thanks very much Janet & that's putting it mildly [?]. A very nice parcel is hardly giving it justice. As for the fruitcake, it sure looks good, & is still nice and moist & is in one piece. Your parcel arrived in good shape tonight. Alice's was a little banged up, but nothing was damaged. Thank your mother for the soxs she knitted. Guess I'd better write her personally now you're no longer at home. And as for the sweater, its dandy. Anyhow dear you know I'm very pleased with everything you sent. And it doesn't matter what it was anyway, it's the idea of it that really counts. Its sure good to smoke a real "Craven A" again & eat some real chocolate. Alice sent me a letter and some pictures as well. One of your family including yourself, Alice, and W[?]. It will be nice to have. From what I can gather Alice is engaged to some Ray Filberg or something like that. Is this right? Well Janet how's school and everything? Guess you haven't been doing much sledding, or anything else like that but undoubtedly you can handle it alright. Well darling will be back later.
Lots of love,
p.s. Give my thanks to Alice please

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Original Scans