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Date: May 17th 1944
Clifford Callcott

May 17. 44. # 81.


R90468. REAF.




My Dearest Mother.

Well Mom, how are you & Dad & Sis. I hope the best, I'm feeling fine & everything is O.K. over here except of course I'm home sick & hoping to get back very soon. I'm very sorry Mom. I wasn't able to send you a telegram for Mother's Day, but as things were over here, it was impossible for me to send you one can't tell you why but it wasn't because I didn't have the money. I was thinking of you, & we had a lovely church service. Specially dedicated to Mother's Day & it sure was nice We have one swell Padre. So Mom I'm sorry I couldn't send you a cable but hope you understand.

One of my chums is getting married next month & Don Robb is going to be the best man, another chum. I guess it's going to be a big affair, there sure are a lot of fellow's getting married over here, but I've got the one + only wife. Do you remember Mom, what you used to say before I was married about religions, well what do you think of it now, of course not that I blamed any of you only I figured it had nothing to do with anything as long as I Loved Mary. ("what say.") I hear from Grace & Mary often but haven't had the chance to go down there lately but except to before long I was going last week on my day off but, things happened to prevent it. Jerry has been around for a couple of nights lately but nothing to get excited about, just nuisance raiders. We are all wondering when the second front is to start & of course wishing it would get under way, then we will be able to come back to Canada, as it won't last long after things get under way. I hope to be able to make up a couple of jerrys on my rifle before this is over. You remember when I had the xray about a month ago I figured there was something wrong with my chest but as I've heard nothing since I guess its O.K. I'm glad of that as I wouldn't want to [?] on accord of my chest cause you know what that would mean. Probably the same I'm feeling good and fit now so everything is right all parcels & letters are coming through first rate. Keep them coming. Well I guess this is about all for this time tell the fellows in Chatham I'm thinking of them & letters to follow, So for this time I will close thinking of you at Home.

Keep Smiling

Love to you Mom, Dad & Sis


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