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Date: October 23rd 1917

4 Squadron R. F. C.
B. E. F. France


Dear Father,

Am a day late this week but I hoped to get your letter before writing. However, all the mail has been delayed lately, so it will be along soon, I expect.

The weather has been very miserable of late. Too much rain to make it pleasant and the ground is very wet. Besides that, the mist has been very low and heavy and very little flying is possible.

There is nothing doing at all. Wish something wonderful would happen so that I could get something to write about. It is a week ago today since I did a job and I am getting pretty well fed up with this. There is nothing to clear the head like a flip in the air. Unless I go up every day, I don't feel so well. You see we get such a small amount of exercise. But I have some good news. We are getting three horses for the use of officers in the squadron. That will be fine and I am looking forward to some nice rides in the mornings. But the horses have not yet arrived, so all we can do just yet is to think about it.

How the time does fly. I can scarcely realize that there is just one more week left in Oct. It really will not be long until Xmas. Already the Major, who is a good provider, has purchased several geese and ducks, which we are keeping in a pond, and will have for our Xmas dinner. I hope to have it right here in this squadron.

Last week or rather the last two or three days I have been around visiting a few of the other squadrons. Just in spare time you know and staying for an occasional meal. And the more I see of other squadrons, the better I like our own. In is a great cure for that fed up or dissatisfied [sic] feeling and I enjoy this place much better as a result.

Yesterday afternoon Major Young (Dr Young the family Dr at 96) and his friend Capt Swann [?] of Winnipeg came down to see me. They had a look around the place and stayed for tea. Then they stuck around and stayed for dinner. Then we had quite a nice evening and the C. O. gave them his car to go home in. They said they had enjoyed themselves and seemed to be much interested in aeroplanes.

Had a letter from Alf a couple of days ago. He manages to write a letter and say as little as anyone I know of. I think he would be the censor's ideal for that particular job. He is well which is the main thing, had rejoined his unit and was gradually getting his parcels & mail gathered together. He said something about Gladys but I don't know who the girl is. He has never told [me] her other name. That was just about all that was in his letter. Quite a number of the boys are arranging to spend part of their leave in Paris. They seem to have a good time and the people down there appear to give them lots of attention. So if I can manage it I think I shall spend a week of my leave there. Of course that does not happen until Jan 12th as the list now stands but I think it would be a change to London, don't you?

Hope to hear from you in day or two. Must close now. Love for Mother, Em & self & kind regards to Miss Smith.

Loving son

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