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Date: March 25th 1917

36 R. Squadron

March 25th 1917

Dear Father,

Last week was quite good in the mail line. I received two letters from home, Feb'r'y 25th and week later. It is quite a relief to hear that all are well and happy.

Personally I am much better every way than I was last week. That is I am in better spirits. We had one good day, I think it was Friday, and I got in some good flying. Yesterday was dull again, so was today, but if we get two real days a week we are very fortunate. Today I was ordered up before lunch but the wireless apparatus was out of order, so the instructor said to go up immediately after lunch. In the meantime a 40 mile wind had sprung up. I knew it was a bit too bad for flying, and there were no other machines up, so I rather hoped I wouldn't need to go. However nothing was said so I got ready, started my engine and was just ready to take off when the instructor ran out and told me not to venture up. I would have gone and could have done it alright but doing wireless in that wind is like trying to drive a car at 50 miles an hour over a rough road and add up a column of figures at the same time. Not very easy. So now I am to have another go at it at 6:30 in the morning. However it is raining and blowing like the mischief now, 10.00 P.M., so it will probably last two days.

Had a letter from Alf two days ago saying that he had arrived safely in France. I am glad he is over safely. It is a miserable trip and had it been a bit rough he would have been sick I am sure. I would like to fly my machine over when I go, but it is quite unlikely. I will probably go as a draft in which case it will be via boat.

I am glad Tom Wood is so at home at our place. It would be very lonesome for the poor chap at his own house when the girls are away. I have intended writing them for ages but never seem to do it. Just explain to them please that I often think of them but writing isn't my strong point.

Mother said something about a snap. I will enclose one, not much of a photo but I got one of the boys to take it about 10 days ago. You will probably be able to recognize me at the right. I am minus a helmet, otherwise ready for the air. That is the coat I lost at Hythe, so you see it is still doing good service. I also have a good leather one like the other three chaps but prefer the Burberry.

I don't understand Trick not paying my premiums. I sent him a lot of money, or rather I cabled Winnipeg bank to give him the money, and other accounts were paid O.K. at the same time. I am sorry you had to bother about it but I shall see that he sends the money on to you. In the meantime thanks very much for looking
after it for me.

The parcel with the colera [sic] belt and the wristlets arrived today. Thank Mother for me please. I now have three of them and if I am cold in France I shall certainly wear them. Mrs Reade gave me two. I see another snap on the table so will stick it in also. It is not very good but may be of interest. It is the bus I am flying at present. Quite a comfortable old thing isn't it?

Well I am sleepy again as usual so must finish up and get to bed. Early rising, as you know, was never one of my strong points, and 6 o'clock comes only too soon.

Lots of love for Mother, Emily and yourself and best wishes for Miss Smith.

Loving son

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