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Date: August 31st 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Witley Camp
August 31, 1918

Dear Mother:-

Have had no letter from you this week but there is American mail tomorrow so perhaps I'll have one.

Have you decided on your plans for the winter yet. I wish you would get them settler. Are you going to live Mrs.Harrington

There is not much new from here. I expect to be put on a week's brush-up course in signalling soon as it is quite a while since I qualified.

Had a letter from Herman today. He wants me to go to Aldershot & see him but owing to finances am unable to go till pay day. However it doesn't do any harm to be broke. I had my best tunic dry-cleaned & pressed & that broke me. Now if I can only get another leave before I go across so as to make some use of it, I will be perfectly satisfied, but I doubt it.

Isn't this writing awful. Well it can be perfectly explained by the ungraceful attitude in which I am reposing at present. I only hope you can read it, but I hae me doots.

Do you remember that skin disease, "impetago contagiosa", that broke out at camp last summer. Well I've got it now & I cant go to France until I get rid of it. What I dont see is why it could'nt have come any of the months I was A4 instead of waiting until just as I'm earning A1. Oh I guess it will be just my luck for something to turn up at the last moment & can my going.

I got a box of chocolates from Majorie Colpette a few days ago.

I must close now.


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