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Date: August 26th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

August 26, '18

Dear Mother:-

This is an extra letter. It is raining tonight and not much doing so I haven't got anything else to do but write some letters.

Did I tell you that Herman was over at Aldershot in Segregation. I don't know what he thinks of England yet but I'll bet it is nothing complimentary. I suppose he is feeling pretty lonesomesince it is so short a time since he left Canada. After a fewllow is over for awhile though, he doesn't get much troubled that way excepts at times.

Do you remember that face rash that broke out among the 10th, last summer. Well I've got it now. It is just starting & looks pretty bad but doesn't incapacitate me in any way. In fact it may get me clear of shoving which will be nice. Of course I haven't much ambition to go out of camp with my face this way. I hope it gets over soon but I don't know anything about it. Several fellows have it & Isuppose I caught it from one of them.

I've been going in for a swim every night for a long time but the last two nights it has been rainy & cold.

Wallace McKay is going to France tomorrow night unless something turns up between now & then, which is unlikely. Grant Mck & Carl D. are still here. Grant & I may go together but it is improbable that we will both hit the same draft since we are in different batteries.

Will close now


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