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Date: August 7th 1918
Ludlow Weeks

Reserve Battery C.G.A
Witley Camp
August 7 1918

Dear Mother:-

I haven't heard from you for ages, it seems but I haven't heard from anyone else either. I suppose the Postal strikes in Canada may have had something to do with it as there has not been a Canadian mail for nearly three weeks.

I received the two pounds O.K & want to thank you ever so much Mother for sending it. I do hope it didn't cost too much for the cable. I had an appointment last Saturday with the dentist in Guildford but was on guard. I am expecting a guard or a picquet this week end too, but I am not spending the money so will have it O.K when I do get down there. The reason I didn't write you for it was that it would take two months & I didn't know where I would be in two months.

I got a Saturday Evening Post yesterday. All told I guess I've received six or seven this year. But I see them all right in the YMCA reading room.

I wish sometime or other you would send me a real fruit cake with frosting if you could manage it anyway It would be very nice.

We get very good food in the Siege Reserve. I believe we get the best of any in the camp. Anyway it suits me. We get four meals a day,- one at 8.30 pm.

How is recruiting going on in Yankeeland. I suppose it is fairly brisk at present.

Do you know anything about Herman. I had a letter from him dated June 16 & he was in Amherston his way to Halifax to sail.

Since then I've heard nothing so I don't know whether he is still in Canada, is in England or went below on the way over. I fancy he is still in Canada though

Did Dr.Dewitt have son with the initial of "G" who is in the artillery. We have an officer who looks a lot like them who posseses the aforesaid initial & name.

Well I think I must close now.


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