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Date: August 16th 1918
Arthur Teer

Aug 16/18

My Dear Auntie

Owing to our continued activity I greatly fear I have much neglected writing to you lately I sincerely hope you may pardon by laziness. I was immensely pleased Auntie to get your latest cheery & ever welcome & kind letter I think It was very very good of you all to deny yourselves so many necessities to help along the war. And I am sure we shall never be able to repay it think our American Neighbours enough for their great help & kindness to us all during these hard times. I have had occasion to meet large numbers of the American Troops lately & they all look very keen intelligent & hard fighters.

You probably have already heard about this present offensive which we are taking a very important part in however as we are allowed to write a page letter only I am afraid I cannot tell you any of my adventures or the details beyond the fact that it is easily our greatest successful attack thanks to the five sections used in the preliminaries, well I must close Dear Auntie with Very kindest Regards & Wishes to all.

Your Loving Nephew

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