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Date: December 12th 1916



Dear Gladys:-

Recieved your letter dated Nov.19th, today so you see it has been almost a month coming, so please don't scold any more as I have written several to you since I came over. Well we are sure having beastly weather & I have a cold fit to kill but don't worry this is a tough chicken. Have not yet received your parcel but it will sure be welcome when it comes. Sorry to hear you found your cousin so fat (stout, I should say) but really I think its in the blood don't you. How lucky his pance didn't split.

Have been away on six day pass to London & Northampton & sure had some time. I was the only Canadian in Northampton & the Janes gave me so much attention that began to think I was good looking. I bet your laughing I got so stuck up that I would only talk to the good looking ones. In London I got in with a Chap & he showed me some of the wonders of the place & they are so many I wont try to describe them until I come home & then I will take a week off & tell you about it. They were naughty boys in Wpg. To pull your hair if I had of been you I would have pull theirs but I suppose that look of yours was sufficient. I bet it s more terrible than a British Tank eh!

I can hardly write for coughing but I shall go up tot eh doctor & get a no. 9 pill. They guve us those for trench feet or anything. "Some Pills".

They are going to move us fellows soon to Somewhere, but not France so don't worry. Well Gladys will close. Wishing All a Merry Xmas & Happy New Year.

Your Loving Brother


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