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Date: January 13th 1944

Thurs. Jan 13/44

Dear Marilyn.

I received your letter a couple of days ago along with Dads Air Letter. I was certainly pleased to get it as it was the first I had received for a month. Very pleased to hear that you have been singing over the radio which, I suppose, you enjoyed very much. I imagine you have been having a very good time while in S'ktoon. I received Mothers airgraph and her ordinary letter written on Dec 16. yesterday so I would like to say a few words in answer to them. First of all it wasn't five bucks I sent you from the States but eighty five ($85) dollars. You must have misread my letter. I still have the receipt from it a money order so will forward it in my next ordinary letter. You should be able to find it as I believe its worth it. Was the letter censored that you received from the states? The money was to pay off my debt which I borrowed from you before I left. I also received the graduation pictures which I thought I had mentioned before. I thought they were perfect.

Am very glad that you received Mrs. Hawksworth's letter - as I told you before she was just like a mother to us. I don't think it necessary for you to send anything as they are very well off but if your just dying to send parcels you know who to send them to. Speaking of parcels I received the K.W.W.W.'s parcel yesterday, sent, I believe, by Mrs. Davidson as she enclosed a card in it. There were two pairs of socks which couldn't come at a more oppertune time. One pair was knitted by Nora Haney. A cake made by Mrs. Breurs-it was delicious as we killed it last night. Would you thank her very much for me. Also some bars & gum. I'll drop Mrs. Davidson a line thanking them.

I believe I have been receiving most of Mothers letters but sometimes wait quite a while between them. I also received the letter from Ian Boyes which I answered the same night. I must get a letter away to Mrs. Millar. Did Edna receive my letter? (over)

Am very pleased to hear that Dad will be home for the hatching season. With two more units you should really make a go of it. Hope you are sending some cig's as I'm buying English ones now. They are very expensive & a very poor quality. It takes three months for cigs. to get over here when you send them through the tobacco co.

The station is very quiet right now as its practically raining all the time. We get each Saturday off so last Friday night, the four of us went to a dance at a place called Newton Stewart. They were all Scotch dances so we really had fun and also practically broke our neck trying them.

We stayed in town overnight so also had a good sleep. The next day I bought a couple of shirts, some towels and hand's. By the way if you happen to go into the city I wish you would get me a couple of officers shirts-size 14 ½. The ones over here are poor quality and it takes clothing coupons which we aint issued very many of.

Well Marilyn this isn't a very newsy letter as it seems I've been asking you to do things for me. Give my love to Austin & Maidra-how I'd love to see you all now.


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