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Date: June 6th 1916

Officers' Mess,
Ross Barracks,
Shorncliffe, Kent.

June 6, 1916.

My dear Win,

I received your very welcome letter yesterday - the only one from Canada, and a Canadian mail too. so you see, I feel deeply indebted to you for all your great kindness to us and to all men. You say that you people at home are not doing enough in comparison to what we are doing. My dear Win, if you will just write us a letter or send a magazine now and again, we feel that you are certainly helping us out, and that is the general opinion.

I happened to see a Montreal "Star" yesterday, and I noticed a picture of Ivan Kinloch (old boy) - killed. He was here last month, so he must have been killed shortly after he went out. We are certainly having heavy casualties now, and reinforcements are being rushed out as fast as possible. I am fearfully fed up with this place, and the work I have - instructing attached officers. It is a beastly slow job, and I would much rather be back in France where I was last winter.

Well, Win, give my very kindest regards to your mother and Father.

Yours very sincerely,

Beresford Hamilton.