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October 25, 2014

Styles, Jack Morris

October 25, 1943

Dear Mom,

Well here we are again. First flight this morning. Boy was it wonderful. We got all dolled up in our flying clothes (I wish you could see me) which are much too big. (they don't want them to be tight so you will not be cold) The crotch of mine is half way to my knees. When we put our parachute on it pulled all the slack up making big bulge to front & rear where there shouldn?t be a bulge....The plane hits a pocket & your stomach feels funny after falling through the air. You decide you had better work than sit there thinking of those paper bags & what they are for. So you pick up your map & look out the window to try to find where you are. This being hopeless you ask the pilot. On locating yourself you find that there is supposed to be a racetrack somewhere under you but you can't see it through the wing so you tell the pilot. He gives the wheel a turn (stick to you) & tells you to look out again. You look out & the wing is gone but the racetrack is there. Thinking that you have lost a wing you look around for the one on the other side. It is there standing straight up in the air, then you decide that you are on your side. You hastily tell the pilot that you have seen the racetrack & everything goes back on even keel. Right then & there you decide never again to ask him to let you see something. Believe me it isn?t funny to look out & while thinking you are upright not see that wing.