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January 29, 2015

Scandiffio, Francis

January 29, 1942

Dear Millie,

And that means Donny and the whole family. What a beautiful war! Even the Eskimos must be in it by this time. But what do you say we forget the whole thing. I'm having a swell time out here. As you've heard by this time I'm back in Scotland again. First Scotland, then England for a couple of month's holiday and back to Scotland again. I was only a few miles from France but still haven't seen one single, little, enemy plane, nor heard one bomb drop. We got plenty of air-raid warnings that enemy planes are coming across but it seems to me that they never got across. I've often heard the shore guns and naval guns, and still do, blazing away like thunder. Everything here is in the hands of the forces. When we need more sleeping quarters we just take over the most convenient hotel, public bath houses and so on. The black outs are perfect. Not a single speck of light can be seen from the air (nor from the street). Everyone goes bumping along the street at night. Business goes on as usual, at night and through air raids. I met some swell people here. Everything is either rationed, scarce, or just isn't any. It's hard to get drunk because the pubs usually ran out of beer and everything before the night is over. In Scotland where I am now, the beer parlors close at 8:00 p.m. and are open only a few hours a day.