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November 25, 2014

Hall, E.C.

December 29, 1916

In the Field
November 25th
H.W. Hayes, Trenton

Dear Sir:
I know how inadequate it is for a stranger to write a father about the loss of his son, but please do not look upon me as an outsider, as your son, in the short time that we were together, installed himself in my thoughts, I really think that the way he had of smiling with his eyes is what endeared him so much to us. Only a few days before we had a gun pit hit and the ammunition set on fire and apparently everyone was accounted for. But he had an idea that someone was in amongst the burning and exploding shells, so with his great friend, Sergeant Little, he went back to the fire and put it out, only to find that the man he thought might only be wounded, had been killed instantly. He did this under heavy shell fire with the additional danger from the bursting shells that were on fire. He was awarded the Military Medal...He was one of the finest men I have ever had the pleasure of serving with and was without exception the most efficient N.C.O. I have ever known. Your son was sitting around a fire with his men in their dugout having supper, when a large shell burst in their midst. Your son was hit in the groin, on the ferniral artery, and bled so freely, he was unconscious in a few seconds. He was bandaged at once, but we knew that life would be extinct within a very few minutes through loss of blood....