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July 23, 2014

Garrod, Wesley

July 23, 1918

Thanks ever so much for your kind congratulations, & of course I am proud myself in being the first one to bring a decoration to the family.

Father is tickled over it as well, as he said in a letter to me, & proud to think that I have a son who has shown so much bravery etc. I tired of that kind of stuff, it is an every day occurance with me, so did not expect anything. As luck would have it, an officer saw me do what I did & that is how I was recommended. I’ve done more than that, but luck was against me & nobody saw me do what I did.

You said in your letter, that you wish the me luck in getting the highest distinction. Well old boy, I would like to, if I don’t it won’t be through the lack of guts, as the boys in my section tell me that I will meet my Waterloo one of these times.

But there, what can a fellow wish for more than to die fighting for his loved ones.

They say it is better to be a living coward than a dead hero, to h___ with that stuff. I did not come 3000 miles just for a tea party. Its just as you say, some fellows go through anything &everything, while others get it the first day, well all I can say is this, it is just a fellows luck.

I myself don’t think that I will meet my death out here, it will be on the farm by getting kicked by a mule or something.