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March 30, 2015

Bernard Freeman Trotter

March 30, 1916

This morning was beautifully calm & spring-like. At 9.30 we fell in for physical drill on the sun-deck under the direction of a jack-tar who is on his way home from gun-practice in Bermuda. We had just recovered our wind after a glorious leap-frog around the deck when the siren blew for boat-drill. After we were dismissed the crews were set at work practising swinging the boats out & in, and preparing the collapsible rafts. I returned to the sun-deck & watched for snap-shots. After dinner I got Huckleberry Finn from the library and went again to the upper regions to enjoy the sunshine. About 3.00 0'clock the tugs came, we weighed anchor and moved slowly through the narrows to the harbour where we found the Empress of Britain & the Olympic lying in the stream. We passed two cruisers on the way, our band struck up Rule Britannia and the sailors cheered lustily. The Empress was lined with troops - mostly Toronto batallions, we are told.