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Date: November 24th 1944

Nov 24-44

Dear Folks:

Ah, I see I've not written for 6 days or so, indeed a boob on my part. I'll have to do better in the future.

At the moment Dave, I am waiting for lunch have come back to barrack fairly early this a.m. because we made short work of a couple of exams. The papers have been in full swing this week & we write off the last one this afternoon. I'll be satisfied with around 70% at this station, none of us seemed to have put too much work into the ground subjects.

I don't know whether I told you that I received two parcels of goood things from the Gnat & one from the church last Saturday. Knowing full well the effect of this climate on foodstuffs we (Dave got 3 parcels also on that day) opened everything. Altho it's 30 days or so before Christmas we had just as much fun with our parcels.

Every night before bunking down we have a feed of cheese & crackers, honey, cake & chocolates. My stomach is my second love alright.

Oh yes besides the food, I got a good pair of slippers, a photo holder, ties, sox & shirts from the Gnat. Great show. I like the leather picture holder particularly well because its a great thing for the wedding picture she sent me. Yvonne also included some of her own self-made cookies, upon eating same Dave & I found them to be in a word ‘Delicious.' Everything was wrapped so neatly too, I had a great time noting all the Gnat's personal touches to the gifts.

I intend to thank the church for their parcel sometime but I don't know just when to do it. Will they think I was a bit premature in opening same if I thank them now? They had more stuff in that box. They're great packers too, I could only get half of the things back in after I took them out. I have found good use for the blades, soap, wash cloths etc that they sent me. Good show on the part of wimmin of Port 't'd.

The Gnat sent me a copy of the honor roll program. It must have been a nice service alright. i see they have the Great in't too.

I have just finished my 6th roll of film and am going to turn it in today. In the near future then I'll send you a couple more sets of scenes from the camera hilites of W.A.Ioonyer.

Yvonne gave me the griff (gen) on the Ottawa che

Original Scans

Original Scans