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Date: August 10th 1942
Esther (sister) and Bill Collins

Dear Collinses:

I wish those parcels would come in at the same time as I'm writing letters. I wrote you a letter a few days ago and the next day your parcel came and my stomach has started to bulge again. At the same time I got a parcel from Nellie Lattrulo so that right now I am one of the wealthiest and most popular man in England. I will have to plan my menus very carefully and quietly or I'll be mobbed. I haven't been able to find an unused kitchen so that I can use up the spaghetti and meatballs but it won't be long now.

Only a few more days and a few more exams and then my leave. All my supplies are travelling with me. So that I really should have an enjoyable holiday. Frank's parcels reach him at about the same time if we get together we could open a department store. I have enough cigarettes, etc to last me quite awhile. Don't send any sugar or tea etc. candy, blades, gum, cans of stuff are ok.

I'm sending the customs list. Tell me if they've cheated. They must have been eavesdropping. Well I'll try to remember what was there before I started on it and I had plenty of help - 1 gum, 2 mints, razor blades, 1 choc. bar, 1 meat ball, spaghetti, 1 tinned nut loaf, 1 grapefruit juice, 1 tomato juice, Nescafe, pears, 3 sardines, butterscotch bar, assorted candies, 2 handkerchiefs, apple sauce, I think I got everything.

I could spend much time with you now, but I want to thank you for the parcel. My best to you and the kids. I'm still in good health and trust all of you are the same.

Goodbye your brother,