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Date: September 29th 1917

176th Corps Officer's Rest Station,
B.E.F. France

Sept. 29th 1917

Dear Nen:-

Here I am about 10 miles behind the lines having a darn good rest. I took sick at the night O.P. 4 nights ago at 3.30 a.m. It was just the common "stomach-out-of-order" and diarrhoea variety but I had a hard job sticking it till 7 in the morning and then staggering back to the battery and you could read my menu for the week in the shellholes on the way back. The doc saw me about 12 and I went to hospital that afternoon where I stayed two days then was shifted down here. It's a great place and I'm getting O.K. again rapidly although still a bit washed out and weak. I've a big honest to gosh feather bed with sheets to sleep in and have just finished a game of croquet. There's also a good orchard with great apples in it. We have breakfast in bed but the funny part is I've no appetite which sure is strange for me. The food is swell however and I'll be O.K tomorrow I guess. I'll probably be here a week so write to the old address, the battery.

Must close now as dinner is ready and I'm going to try to make a hole in it. Love to all.