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Date: January 18th 1946

Leeming ,Yorkshire, England, U. K

January 18, 1946

Dear Mom,

Since I last wrote to you I've been having some wonderful times ice skating! .

I usually go to Durham. The rink there has no roof, but the ice is artifical1y frozen, and now with the frost we've been having the surface is just perfect. I was skating all Saturday and Sunday, right up until 8:00 p.m., when the bus left for it's return trip to the Station. Durham is over 35 miles away, but it's well worth the journey. We are lucky to have a rink that nearby, especially since there are so few ice rinks in this part of the country.

Last night there was a special luxury bus that left the Station with 45 of us aboard. It cost us the equivalent of 75 cents ( three shillings ), for the return trip ( 70 miles) and included was a lunch at the Y. M.C.A. in Durham after the skating session. That was a pretty fair deal. The trip is quite a long one, but on the return trip there was a full moon shining on newly fallen snow- very beautiful.

Half of the expenses of the evening are paid from P. S. I. funds which are made up of profits from the N.A.F.F.I., the Station Cinema, etc.
Tomorrow, and Sunday I have a 36, so off I will go again to Durham.
I met a lovely girl who lives near Durham, so I'l1 be seeing her tomorrow. Her father owns a "pub", or public house, which we would call a beer parlour that sells, not only beer, but hard drinks as well. It is combined with a hotel as well. Her home is about five miles from Durham, and her father's hotel is called "The Fleece Inn".

Doreen wears a sweater and slacks to keep warm, and she can't understand how some girls wear so little clothing at the rink.

So long for now, and thanks again for sending my skates.
Love, Lewis.