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Date: October 30th 1945

Leeming Yorkshire, England, U. K.

October 30, 1945

Dear Mom,

This will just be aa short letter, so it won't take too long to read.

I've just finished my long letter about Stratford-on-Avon, but I'll let May, and later, Joan, and then Betty read it before I send it to you. So it will be sent to the Isle of Wight for May to read, then I'll get it back, and take it to Joan, in Darlington, and later on send it to Betty in Edinburgh. So, don't expect to see it too soon.

I received your letter of Oct. 18th saying that you have received the books and pictures. They are all for my future "Overseas Scrapbook", so please keep them until I get home.

Marie wrote that you are sending a parcel of soap only. Thanks. That will come in handy.

Last weekend I just stayed on the Station for a change.

So long for now. Love, Lewis.