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Date: August 19th 1945

Bassingbourne, England, U.K

August 19, 1945

Dear Mom,

At last it's all over! How was V. J. Day at home?

Around eleven O'clock on Tuesday evening we heard over the Tannoy that the war was over, so we all got up and there was a big bonfire on the parade square until 2:30 in the morning. The C O. was even wheeled around the square in a wheelbarrow!

The next afternoon, Don and I took a train to London. We missed V. E. Day in lomdon, but we were not going to miss this celebration!

Don has a married cousin who lives in London ( a W. D. from Canada), so we got a bed at her house, and off we went to Piccadilly Circus in the heart of london. What a crowd! People verywhere, laughing shouting shooting firecrackers, etc. etc. Don got a paper hat, someone put a flag into his hand, and it was only because of the flag flying above the crowds, that I could keep from losing him a dozen times!

After being shoved around there for awhile, we took a tube to Victoria Station, and was it ever crowded ! We then went dancing at the Gordon Cub.

Next afternoon we went to the classy burlesque show called "The Windmill" Servicemen get in for five shillings ($ 1.00), but others pay $2 to $2.50 and we saw an excellent stage show with lots of girls. We then went roaming in the Parks - St. James and Green, and past Buckingham Palace, where there was music being broadcast over huge loudspeakers. What srowds, what crowds and what fun everyone was having!

In the evening we went to The Stage Door Canteen, and danced with all the Service girls there. There are lots of them in London. We then saw the stage show, and had ice cream and waffles, and cokes, and more cokes.

So another day passed, and the next morning we went to the R C A F. headquarters at Knightsbridge, and had a good snack at the canteen. In the afternoon, we saw Fred Allen in the movie "The Fifth Chair", and then we ate lunch at the Ontario House at 5:30 p. m.

Then we went back again to The Stage Door Canteen for more dancing more girls, more waffles, more cokes, and more and more!

Next morning we caught the train back to the Station. But with all that excitment I just had to go out last night, so Don and I went to a dance in the Royston Town Hall, which is a small place, but very enjoyable. What a lot of people there were at the dance. We had a great time, and when I was ready to return to the Station, I got a lift back in a U. S. Army truck!

This morning there was a Thanksgiving Service at the Station. And I guess that just about rounds off the V. J. celebrations. I had a great time, which paid up for the V. E. Day in Germany.

I'm still excited! So long for now. Love, Lewis.