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Date: April 21st 1944

Mont Joli, P. Q.

April 21, 1944

Dear Mom,

You and Dad are great. I'm certainy lucky to be your son. I must come home and see you all. I really couldn't take all my leave to visit Joyce.

Thanks for getting the book "Game With The Wind", While I was in Campbellton, I found a very good book store, and bought some books which I will send home when I've read them. I received a box of candy from Mrs. Beaton, and she asked me to visit her when I went to Glace Bay again. Mrs. Beaton is the mother of the Vera that I mentioned in an earlier letter.

Here's a little information about Campbellton. It is somewhat like Glace Bay, but much smaller, and built on a number of hills. I went to a United Young People's meeting the first evening I was there, and played badminton. But I spent most of my time walking all over town. I stayed at a Hostel, and visited the radio station C K N B, sitting tight in the studio while programs were being broadcast over the air.

Love, Lewis.