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Date: January 6th 1942
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
John (Jack) Gray

144 Sqdn
N. Luffenham

Dearest Mother and Dad

Once more I start a short letter to you both and I’m a little afraid it will be short as I have one big headache.

Mail hasn’t been too good since I got here but I expect a lot all at once. I received a nice picture from Audrey – also letters from her and Bob and Joanie as well as one quite old from you. Also there was a card from René and Vincent and today a very nice parcel from the Women’s Auxilliary to the Air Services in Vancouver. It was really a surprise and contained a blue pullover, a knitted sort of back, front, and neck pullover business and a pair of sox as well as razor blades, gum, chocolate. I will write them soon. I wrote a very nice letter to Mrs Currie for that women’s organization.

By the way the news about Bob and Audrey really was no surprise to me although I didn’t expect it so soon. Audrey and I were always just good friends and a little of the old “out of sight out of heart” sort of business. Forgot to tell you your wire came too. I’m glad you liked my voice over the radio – I’ll try to get on it again some time.

Yes I gave the hose to Hilda and did she ever like them – no doubt you know how difficult it is to obtain them over here. She is going to write you. Her husband Bob has been called for the army but I haven’t any news for a week. It will be tough as it is next to impossible to live and keep up their nice little house on the miserable pittance which is the unhappy lot of a British soldier. They receive 2/6 a day which is about 60¢ - tough I’ll say.

Is my $40 a month still coming from the gov’t and going into War Savings. Tell me do you still get a cheque from Bralorne once in a while.

Glad you liked “Target for Tonight” – I guess you know that is authentic. It was filmed on actual operational trips so you will get a good idea of what it is like. In this business we have to do 200 operational hours and then we receive six months rest as instructors and such.

Miles Riddle is sort of lucky to get an instructor’s job such as he did but fellows who take that are not very highly thought of by those who know why they were trained. I shouldn’t say that – he is a married man and has a lot of others to consider.

Bunch of papers came today and I see you are not doing so well at the curling Dad – Why aren’t you a little more serious about it – Get like Tom Ledingham – I’ll bet!!! See you read a poem at the fisherman’s banquet, too, I’d like to have heard it.

Tell Anne I received her note in the papers and I followed her instructions. Give her my love.

Have to go now as the lights have gone out suddenly.


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