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Date: November 6th 1941
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
John (Jack) Gray

Upper Hayford
Thurs. 6/11/41

Dear Mother and Dad.

Again another letter must begin its long journey across ocean and continent to reach you. At present I’m lying in the hospital although it is nothing very serious. The heating system in our ’plane failed the other night at high altitude so it was a bit chilly for three or four hours. I’ve been in the hospital ever since with a bit of fever and chills etc but they certainly do look after us well in here. I am the only one of the crew in the hospital I guess I can’t take it –– who said that??

The Medical Officer was just in and gave me a good check over. He tapped my chest and back and listened to my heart and really looked things over. It seems my temp. jumps away up every night so I have to stay for a few more days yet. It is alright here though.

Haven’t had any mail for quite awhile now although I expect there will be a batch anytime. Did Hampton get home alright. The last I heard he had phoned you from Calgary and was going on to the coast for a day or two.

The weather is starting to get mean over here now with rain and wind etc. I don’t know what it will be like when the winter really sets in here.

Well we just finished dinner but your poor son is on light diet so all he had was tea (what I’d give for a good cup of cawfee) and bread and butter. I have the peanut butter you sent as well though so it is not bad. In here I think we have an average of twelve cups of tea during the day.

Just been thinking that it was eight months ago today that I left to come over here – the time certainly does slip away doesn’t it. There are a lot more of the lads at home thinking of joining now than there used to be I guess. By the way if you know any of the Ruppells on Granite Road tell them I ran into Harry down in London one day. It sure is a surprise to see someone from home so many miles away.

Just had another interruption when the orderly brought me in a vile mixture of carbolic chlorine and a few more things all in boiling water and says “Here (pardon) ‘Eres’ soment’ll fix yer up, Sarge” [added at margin:" IT DID"]

As I told you in a letter some days ago (reg. mail) you had better address to Sheldon’s as we will likely be moving from here soon – I think.

I will close now as I must rest for awhile and keep warm. Also I have to write some other letters a little later. Love to everybody. I wish I was home.

Your loving son

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