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Date: October 31st 1941
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
John (Jack) Gray

Upper Heyford

Dearest Mother and Dad.

Another week so here goes another letter to you. I am just sitting here in the lounge of the mess listening to the radio or wireless as it is known over in this country. I just had a letter from you and Dad today but it wasn’t so good for air mail as it took nearly a month. All the others have been coming very regularly in two weeks. A parcel came a few days ago too thank you ever so much. It had socks, razor blades, and some suckers for Pam – I sent them on down to Sheldons. All the parcels have come so far and I know there are more on the way.

I guess by now Hampton has had his leave and no doubt enjoyed it. I know how he feels at having to leave and you must hate seeing him go but that’s the way it is. I hope to see him soon. I never sent him a wire or anything for his birthday as I have no idea where he will be then.

Things are going fine here although Harry had a slight accident and has been in the hospital for a week. We will stay in the same crew though. I like the pilot and observer more all the time – they are a couple of good lads of course we are still doing an awful lot of flying and it really is tiring especially when the food is none too good considering the high mess bills we pay. Just today I paid 1.13.3 which is about $8 and that is for nothing really. How is the money doing at home? Is the $40 still coming each month. I might need one of the months payments some of these times on leave but will try not to.

I’m glad you got down to the coast, Dad, for a time – it is nice to see the folks now and then isn’t it. I just had a letter from Grandad which was very much delayed due to its going to the wrong address. It had been to York, Bournemouth, Uxbridge, Norfolk, Cockspur, and Heston before it got here. I write him once a month.

Why didn’t anybody tell me about George Williscroft’s “Case of the Lighted Cigar.” That was one of the funniest things I have ever read. I can well imagine George resenting twice being told to stop smoking – that really was a laugh. How did it finally end? The last paper didn’t say. The papers are the only mail which don’t seem to come regularly but seem to just drift in once in a while but that is to be expected. I sure do enjoy them though when they do come.

I told you in the last letter about what happened to my pen and I sure am sorry but these things do happen to the best of people (and pens. I would really appreciate it if you could send me another one maybe with Hampton but if too late just mail it.

I’m sorry you didn’t get to see Joan at N.W. Dad. She is just about tops with me and has been for three years. I hope she does alright in the nursing.

I will have to look up this cousin of yours in Oxford when I get in there. So far in over two months I’ve only been there twice although it is only about fifteen miles.

Well here it is one day later and as I just got up (3.45 P.M.) I’ll add another page although I must go again soon. We had a long cold trip last night and never got to bed until 8:50 A.M.

Had a letter from Joan today and she is well although still working hard. Aunt Jessie has invited her up for lunch sometime but Joan wishes they would make the invitation definite.

Harry came back today and is quite sound again. I’m glad he’s back as he might have been put on another crew.

So Lois has joined the WAAF’s. I know very well what it is. There are hundreds of them on every camp releasing the men for other duties. They are a good lot as a rule. There is the same thing in the army and navy.

I must close this and as I can get no stamp I’ll send it reg. mail. Give my best to everybody around the store and home, please. Phyllis’ scarf is really swell and came in very good time.


[postscript added at top of first page] P.S. Send the mail to Sheldon’s as we will be leaving here soon. J.B.

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