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Date: September 26th 1941
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
John (Jack) Gray

Sgt’s. Mess.
R.A.F. Station
Upper Heyford

Dearest Mother and Dad.

I have just come back from a very long flight and I was flying most of the night so this letter wont be too long. We are really busy these days with lots of flying and lectures. This is sure getting to be the major leagues.

Three letters arrived today from Grandad, Joan, and Audrey, of say I didn’t thank you for the delicious cake and I do mean delicious. I sent half of it back to Heston as they had sent the parcel on. The cake didn’t last very long but it was sure good. The food situation could improve plenty. Food of any sort really goes good with us.

The mail is coming fine now although I fear I am not writing as much as I should but it really is a case of no time. I haven’t been so busy in all my days. Your last letter had your picture in it, Mother, and it is not bad at all. It is nice to get snaps and photos as they remind me of home. I have none to send you just now but will take some more one of these days. It takes about three weeks for developing though. There are a lot of conveniences such as that which we sure miss over in this country. A clean and press job takes about ten days so my suit is pretty dirty just now. It is nearly three weeks some places to get shoes soled and heeled. All the men are in the services so that is what makes the difference although a lot of things could sure be speeded up over here and it wouldn’t hurt.

What is Hampton doing – I have had no news from him or of him except little bits since he left. Will he be coming back over here or what. I sort of hope so and yet for your sakes I hope he stays there. The sooner I get out of this fair England the better. Good old Canada will do me.

Grampa’s letter was much enjoyed as usual. He had just received one from me and he was answering it very promptly. I will write him a letter today as well as some others. I hate this rush but while the weather is good we fly our heads off.

So Bob has gone to join the R.C.A.F. I am glad in many ways. I’ll be glad to see him over here although that will be a long time from now I guess. This letter is a terrible scrawl.

Glad Phyllis was home for awhile. Harry Younger is a good egg. Did you enjoy your anniversary and Phyllis and Ed’s or did you just go about it saying nothing to anybody. I hope you got my wire – I sent one to Calgary too.

No I haven’t seen the Royal Family yet – just Queen Mary and the Duke of Kent.

I have to close this now as I have to go on a long cross country this aft.

Remember me to everybody around town will you Dad. I have a lot of friends in the Kootenays and I think of them often.

Give my best to the Boomers, Anne, Nelson and Eunice and all the rest. How are Cliff McK. and Harry Hughes. I hear Bobby Andrew Sr. is feeling better these days. Boy how I’d like to walk down the street again. Do you see any of my school teachers around.

Love to you both.

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Original Scans