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Date: August 15th 1940
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
John (Jack) Gray

“C” Flight.
No 1 I.T.S., R.C.A.F
1107 Ave. Rd. Tor.
Aug. 15, 1940

My dear Mother and Dad.

Sorry it has been so long since I wrote but we have been in the thick of exams for the past week but they are all over now. I did fairly well I think and tomorrow we learn whether we are to be observers, Pilots, or Wireless Gunners. I have no real idea but think I will be a Wireless man. My marks so far have been – Maths – 100, 68; Administration 82, 98: Accounts ? Armaments ? Sanitatation ? The Math is the most important but the really deciding factor is your interview with the officer. I don’t know what he thought but he commented on my age – that is the reason I don’t think I will be an observer or pilot – that is enough of this business for now.

I hope the money will clear up a few of my bills around, Dad, and trust you will look after it for me.

Today I got in touch with John [Herych?] and had a nice chat with him learning a little of the town news. I haven’t been able to see them and won’t till Monday as we are on duty watch over the week-end. It is sure great to hear from somebody from home.

I spent last week-end up in Tillsonburg and had a really nice time. I expect you got a lot of the news from Uncle Russ in his letter. I had the best sleep I have had since leaving home as I went to bed about 12 and got up the next noon. First time I have slept in that late for quite a long while and no fooling it was great. Aunt Christie and all were really good to me and I hope to get up there again soon. I met Albert and Elliott S. and wives and children. They are going out west soon but I don’t think they will be able to get up to see you but would like to. On Tuesday I was down to Jack McK. for dinner and Aunt Mary and Alec (?) were there too – it was nice to meet them again after 18 years. I hope to get up to Guelph and London soon – I also hope to go to Montreal and Niagara one of these times – might as well see the country while I am here.

Received your letter of August 11th, Dad, and will explain the tube which should have been a picture but as it didn’t arrive we will forget it – it was no good. There is another one here which I will send soon.

That was a nice picture of Anne – No 1. business woman – great stuff. Thanks for the papers - they are great. I see they had a couple of tough softball games – too bad I wasn’t there to referee them. Yesterday I umped a good game here and both teams thought I was good. I really put on the dog with all the professional antics.

Must mail this now and hope you enjoy the pictures especially of my first airplane! Write soon.

Love to all

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Original Scans