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Date: August 8th 1940
Mother & Dad - (Wilhelmina & John Gray)
John (Jack) Gray

“C” Flight
No. 1 I.T.S., R.C.A.F
1107 Ave. Rd. Tor.
August 8, 1940 (P.M.)

Dear Mother and Dad,

Sorry I haven’t written for a few days but haven’t really found time as we have been studying for exams. So far my marks have been Math 100 (very good) and Administration 76.

Well, I guess you would like to know about Hampton’s visit. He arrived Monday morning and phoned me twice but I was unable to contact him either time but at noon he and Jack came out to the Club and you may be sure I was pleased when I heard there were a couple of fellows outside looking for me. I went out but had to stand about twenty feet away to talk to them as we were still in quarantine and already I had been refused permission to go out that night because of it. I got out of the first period to talk to them and then the D.R.O. came out with the news that the quarantine was to be lifted at 5:30. You may be sure I took no time in seeing the Corporal of my flight again (four times before on the same matter) and he said he thought I could get out of the Duty Watch which “C” Flight was on that night. I told Hampton that there was a good chance and so they said they would stay. At 4:30 I saw the Corporal and was I pleased when he pulled a special pass out of his pocket signed by the Squadron Leader giving me until 12:00. Hampton ’phoned a few minutes later and we agreed to meet down town. The three of us went in and had a delicious dinner together and then walked over to Ellis’ but they were away so Hampton left a note. We then walked around a little longer discussing many things and finally ended up sitting in the Royal York. At last came the time of parting about 11 and so I said goodbye to Jack and Hampton walked out to the street with me and we said good-bye there. I am sure proud of him now and I can say that as a “veteran” in the service while he is just starting. I have passed that article about Tom, Hampton, and I around and all the fellows think it is great. I also show the picture of Phyllis and I around and they think I have quite a girl friend and so I have in Phyllis. I would sure like to be at her wedding and have already figured out that on a week-end pass I could be home Sunday aft but is seems I couldn’t get back again – that is by air so I guess we will “give it a miss this time”.

I am very sorry to hear that your brother Tom died, Dad. There is not much I can say but I would have liked to meet him over there.

By the way what do you suggest I buy for Phyllis and Ed for the wedding. Some little gift and how do I address it? Do I send it to Phyllis or Ed or both or what? Please give me all the answers as I am not very well up on these matters.

That’s too bad about Claire, especially since they have not yet found the body. I don’t imagine Alan will be able to get his discharge although he might if he goes about it properly.

Have you Hampton’s address yet? The letter, underwear, and a telegram for Jack have all come to me after they left and I don’t know what to do although the underwear has come in very useful as I was going to have to buy some very soon.

We have this week-end off and so I think I will go up to Tillsonburg as I long for a goodnights sleep ‘til about noon on Sunday – what a treat. I wrote them tonight telling them of my plans and I hope the approve

Received more newspapers today and some a few days ago - they are swell so please keep up the good practice. The letters are great too, and I was pleased to read Mr. Bawlf’s letter. His recommendations really don’t mean very much when we get here. I don’t really know just what does mean anything but they say that the officer’s interview which lasts about 20 minutes and which I had a day or so ago is about the most imp. thing. I don’t know what he put down about me except that I was average in most things. By the way the officer is Flying Officer Jackson and he knew the Instructor Jack McAllister in Texas during the last war so if you ever write Jack ask him if he ever knew this Mr. Jackson. He probably won’t as he was an instructor and Mr. Jackson was just a student. He is a very fine chap, however. There is one thing you might as well know now and that is that most of this school will be made Wireless Gunners but don’t let that worry you as nobody knows.

Tomorrow I am going to try to see Jane Nisbet and the Ferguson’s if possible but don’t know if I will be able to make it.

The lights are going out in a very few minutes so must hurry this last bit and try to mail it tonight if possible.

I am going to see the Paymaster tomorrow and sign over five dollars ($5) every pay to you mother if that is alright with you. Maybe a little extra at first to cover any bills I have in town.

Please write soon and give my love to all. Dad: go in to Harry Hughes and tell him I just got a haircut and now I realize he is the only one that can cut my third class head. Don’t forget third class. Don’t forget the wedding business.

Love to all

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