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Date: June 1st 1915
Joe Lapsansky (brother)
Jack Lapsansky
Newspaper Article

[Published in the newspaper The Ladysmith Chronicle, June 1, 1915]


Joe Lapsansky has received the following letter from his brother, John Lapsansky:

DEAR BROTHER JOE – I received your parcel of cigarettes yesterday and sure was pleased, believe me. Sometime ago I wrote to you asking for some cigarettes or Bull Durhmm, for I certaingly did crave for some then, but since the battle we, who are left, get the cigarettes from the parcels sent to our pals, who were unfortunate and fell in the last fight. Of course they will not send any more to them, so you can continue your good work, Joe.

I say, Joe, when you read in the paper of the heavy casualties, your ignorance of warfare will probably lead you to think that we suffered a reverse. On the contrary Joe, we accomplished a task that has won admiration from His Majesty, Lord Kitchener, and all the rest of the war lords.

I performed a rather delicate mission last night. I wrote a letter to Mrs. Parkes informing her of her son Henry’s death, the poor woman must feel terribly heart-broken, for I know how I feel myself. Poor Harry worked with me in Courtenay for a couple of years and then came down to Vancouver and enlisted with me, and we have soldiered together ever since. I know one thing, brother, the next time we get into close quarters with those cowardly devils, woe betide them. I only pray to God that he shall spare me until I have the pleasure of bayoneting about six of them. Yes, Joe, it is pleasure to finish them off, for they are the worst enemies we ever had. Although they put up a bold front and resort to the meanest of tricks to catch our boys unawares, they are cowards at heart, for about two hundred of our boys can charge about a thousand Germans, and after bayoneting put the rest of them to flight. Great big strapping fellows too.

I say, Joe, it was pretty hard to come back here and find that a lot of my pals have gone, but war is war, and they couldn’t have died a better death.

Well, I must close now. Please tell father and mother I am getting on well, and I will write very soon.

Good-bye Joe, Your affectionate brother,

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